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Actual Lace Front
Actual Injected Lace Wig

50 professional career years of experience based information
Actual Thin Skin Hair Line

Don't be confused OR  intimidated with all the fancy, scientific or
medicinal sounding
names associated with hairpiece and wigs.

Hair loss and solutions have been with us since the beginning time. Thanks
to advances in hair replacement technology, there has never been a better
time to look and feel your very best. The results are nothing short of
unbelievable with the technology available today!

40 years to market and describe Hairpieces or Wigs to the consumers and
hair professionals alike. Here are some of the most common marketing

Popular Marketing Buzz Words, any sound familiar?

Program Hair, Hair Systems, Hair Weaves, Hair Bonding, Hair Cabling,
Strand by Strand Systems, Matrix Hair System, Hair Grafting, sense
graft, erma graft, Invisible Hair,  Hollywood Lace, Top Lace, Injected
Lace, Trans dermal Cosmetic Reconstruction, DR, Virtual Reality, High
Definition, Hair Integration, Hair Extensions, Injected Lace Wigs.
Cranial Prosthesis, Vacuum Cap, Medical Hair Device.
Dermal Lens, Edge, Super Edge, Illusions Medical Wigs, Jacuzzi Labs,
The Edge, Hair Lens

The list grows day by day for new names to market a mens hairpiece or a
women's wig
and to make decisions even harder celebrities join the
marketing band wagon like Raquel Welsh, Jessica Simpson to name a few.

I'm confident that you will know how to determine the best options for
yourself with the information that has been included in this site.

So relax, read and see why we have helped over millions of people gain
new knowledge that will make purchasing a hairpiece or wig easier then
you ever thought possible.

Consumer Information
A large variety of  words and phrases  have
been developed over the last
    ABOUT the HP&WG     
All the latest technologies are included  and   
explained in simple to understand language.