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A large variety of  words and phrases that have been developed over the years to describe  
hairpieces and wigs:

Hair Replacements, Hair Weaves, Cabling, Hair Bonding, Strand by Strand Systems, Matrix Hair
Systems, Hair Grafting, Invisible Hair,  Hollywood Lace, Swiss Lace, Theatrical Lace, Top Lace,
TCR, Virtual Reality, High Definition, Hair Integration, Hair Extensions, Lace Wigs. Cranial
Prosthesis, or a Medical Hair Device and many more.

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All these terms and more, are ways and means to promote and advertise hair piece and wig
products. No doubt using creative words to stimulate interest in related product and services while
trying to avoid mentioning the words hairpiece or wig.

Marketing and advertising terminology should not be perceived as deceiving, it's merely a way to
differentiate from one product to another. In reality,the products are a Hair Piece or Wig of one
form or another and that is the bottom line.

About hair pieces and wigs:
A wig  is made to cover most or all of the scalp area, however a hair piece can be any shape or
size to fill in any or all areas of need within the scalp area For instance frontal recession areas,
crown area, top of the head or any area of partial need.

99% of hair pieces and wigs are made from 4 types of materials:
There are four commonly used materials used in the construction of hair pieces and wigs. They fall
into two categories.

Fabrics of  Lace, Nylon and Polyester are available in many different configurations and
Lace Fronts and Lace Bases have captured the market of late. Popular and standard industry
names are Swiss Lace, French Lace, German Lace, Hollywood Lace, Theatrical Lace and
Welded Lace.

2- Polymer and resins are used to produce super thin skin bases of Polyurethane or Silicone. .
Modern formulations are remarkably realistic due to the fact of how thin and strong a skin can be
and support the added hair.
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Hair replacement technology has evolved through the years to the point where, when the service is
performed correctly, the end results are accommodating and totally undetectable.
There are many variations of these materials available. Creative design combinations of these
materials are what sets them apart and gives them an individuality and uniqueness.

A good way to start: is to gather as much information as you need from this guide. The
information is intended to  assist you to determine what available options are suited for your
requirements. Hair piece products are  made to serve either male or female hair replacement
requirements. Accordingly a gender neutral approach has been incorporated into our site

Whats the difference between Hair Centers and Online Stores

Local Hair Centers make up the landscape and have steadily developed over the last 45 years in
the market providing hairpieces and wigs with a personalized service. The majority of these centers
are owner/operated businesses with the exception of chain center companies.

Hair centers offer services ranging from:
Hair analysts, Hair Loss Treatments, Hair replacement services, supplies and in most cases
surgical options. Hair centers cater to individuals who prefer working with an a professional and
personalized facility.

If you are new or have little experience with hair replacement, then  hair centers are your logical
starting point. From consultation to meeting the staff you will be able to get professional and
personalized services for yourself.     
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Online Stores have now taken a predominate position on the Internet that offer a variety of
hairpieces and wigs. Unfortunately many of these online stores are owned and operated by
individuals that are not professionally  licensed or trained. This is not to say that some reputable
sources do not exist and do create some level of financial satisfaction if that is what you are
seeking. Please remember that hair replacement is a very personal endeavor that requires the

A consultation, design, delivery cut & styles, consumer education, services and hair care
to keep you looking your very best.

When purchasing from an online store you are only purchasing a product at a reduced price. The
reduce price is created by low to no over head expenses. If you are an experienced hair wearer
and know exactly what you need, then please by all means take advantage of what the online
stores can offer.

Just use your common sense. How can someone really help you look your best over the phone?
Who is going to provide you the expertize and services that are required to keeping you looking
your very best?. Nothing that is known can substitute professional skills, personalized service and
attention to looking your best.



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