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What's New and Exciting......?
The latest developments in the industry are lace and
thin skin technologies that produce absolute realistic

Lace materials that are used in constructions include
Swiss Lace, French Lace, Hollywood Lace,
German Lace and Welded Lace.

It's not so important to know all the details, what's
important is how each lace material can be utilized
to create realistic results to meet your expectations
and support your lifestyle.

Thin skin bases have continued to develop as a
popular base material. This is due to the new resin
co-polymers and silicones that are available today.
These materials can duplicate the appearance of a
healthy scalp with almost no margins or edges on
the products.

New adhesives along with  co-polymer resins,
silicone, or latex allow these bases to be attached
for an extended period of time. This will vary by
each individuals metabolism and lifestyle
This process or method is refereed to as Non
Surgical Hair Grafting, which is a very good
description, due to the site specific coverage and
realistic end results that are achieved without any
surgical procedures.

Hair appear to be growing directly out of the scalp
completely natural to sight and touch
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Full Lace Wig


natural results
Professionally recommended for
medical or chemical induced hairloss.

Thin Skin Hair Graft when wet appears
realistic and natural like never before.